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It is the 2nd night safari in the world, opened in mid-2005, the safari is a piece of African savannah-cross-zoo, which has been recreated as one of Chiang Mai’s newest and most ambitious projects. It has more than 200 species from several continents and although it is best enjoyed at night, you can visit it during the afternoon, too.
The 320-acre site, annexed from the foot of the Doi Pui Suithep National Park, includes a large lake surrounded by zoo-like enclosures and two ‘game drives’, where animals from Africa and Asia roam freely in larger fenced off areas. Some of the more docile species wander right up to the tram, but predators are kept behind security barriers. In addition, the Chiang Mai Night Safari has a very comfortable pavilion and the Lanna Village, with restaurant, Fun Plaza and a colourful musical fountain.
The safari was developed under controversial circumstances (without proper environmental impact studies) as part of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s grand design for his hometown. It was opened in time for the much-attended, three-month long Royal Flora Expo in December 2006, and modelled on a similar safari park in Singapore. Despite facing difficulties in securing animals from Kenya, the Night Safari is easily one of Chiang Mai‘s best[peacock term] newer attractions, designed professionally to provide a complete experience for all ages.

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